Future Global Solution
The Future has presented with the need for new Energy Systems. In our projects we must be ready to respond with new solutions and new technologies. This is done by partnering with new companies and expanding our research. The Children Life Project and LAMP, Love Asia Mission Partners  has teamed with Asia in building this support system. Join with us in building a new future.
A Humanitarian Network in need of Energy? We need to support the millions who have no access to energy. We need new ways to make Energy affordable and we need to find investors who will invest in  the future.
Where is it safe to invest and serve the needs of the poor at the same time ?
It can be done with Energy Systems, Farming, Industry, Education and more. With the rise in food prices the investment will produce returns. There is a untouched labor market waiting  to come forth in serving the needs of the world.

WATCH FOR OUR FUTURE... Understanding Radiant Energy

Radiant energy is a form of kinetic energy. Kinetic energy refers to the movement of the energy whether is is of atoms, molecules, waves, substances or objects. Other forms of kinetic energy include thermal energy, sound, motion energy and electrical energy. Without radiant energy, like that from the sun, life on Earth would not be possible.


Radiant Energy is the result of a change in configuration of electrons. It can travel through any substance including air, liquid, glass, and space. However, matter is not necessary for transmission of radiant energy. Even in a vacuum environment, radiant energy can move.


Radiant energy moves in a straight line at a very high speed and can be absorbed, transmitted or reflected. Radiant energy is reflected if the object receiving the energy cannot absorb it. If the energy is only partially able to penetrate the object, then it is absorbed. The energy is transmitted if an object cannot absorb it.





Note: This system in the video will generate just a few volts but it proves  one of the  concept.


What if we had the ability to do something with Radiant Energy with a different High Tech Concept? and do this on a large scale?  What if our World Partners held the Patents? Can you imagine how this can help the poor? 

Or how it can change the World? 


This video proved there is free power out there... And I tell you that there is a high Tech Solution that is very


In Southern Mindanao there is Thousands of Hectors of land waiting for development.  As part of a Global Solution and the needed solutions here in the Philippines; we must move to increase food production.  Our direction is to work with the Tribal Leaders to assist and guide them to make these things happen. We are currently working to provide training and assistance in Land Management. Much has been done here in the Philippines... What is needed is investors willing to invest in the future. This is part of how we can assist.. Next irrigation techniques will be needed. Technology is what we do and it is what must happen to be able use much of the area that is still open for aquiculture.  


This video is part of what some areas of Mindanao has done to assist one another. Together with Government Involvement there has been a awareness of the need to manage their natural resources and the changing environmental issues.